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St. Martin’s Day

This past Saturday, our ISN community participated in the St. Martin's Day parade in Lachen-Speyerdorf. St. Martin's Day, a cherished German tradition, honors the life of Saint Martin—a soldier, monk, and bishop. Adorned with illuminated, handcrafted paper lanterns, children and their families joyfully sang traditional songs as they marched in the Saint Martin Day parade. The atmosphere was enriched by the flickering warmth of a bonfire, creating a cozy setting where children enjoyed sweet p...

Happy Halloween from ISN!

Our learning partners were invited to a spooky Halloween party organized by our wonderful Parents & Friends group. Dressed as ghosts, witches, skeletons and many more eerie creatures, our learning partners went “trunk-or-treating”, played ghoulish carnival games and had their faces gloomily painted. What a fun event!

ISN participates in Neustadt’s Wine Fest Parade (Winzerfestumzug)

For the first time ever, the ISN community participated in Neustadt's Wine Fest Parade (Winzerfestumzug), and we had so much fun! Dressed up in traditional costume and sports jerseys, our learning partners waved with little flags and passed out candy and balloons to people in the crowd as we moved along with the parade. It was a great experience for our learning partners, parents and staff. We can't wait to participate again next year. A big thank you to everyone who joined in! ❤

ISN Community’s Annual Wandertag

Our annual ISN Wandertag took place on Sunday, 17 September. The ISN school community met at the bottom of the Hambacher Schloss, hiked through the forest to the Klausentalhütte and enjoyed lunch together. We had such a wonderful time!

Welcome back ISN!

What an incredible first day of school at ISN! It warms our hearts to see familiar faces back on campus and extend a warm welcome to our new learning partners. Today was especially magical for our Year 1 students as they brought their Schultüte/school cone to school.
When children in Germany (and also in Austria) set off for their first day in school upon entering first grade, their parents and/or grandparents present them with a big cardboard cone, prettily decorated and filled with to...

Inset Week for School Year 2023/24 – Ready, Set, Go!

Throughout the inset week, our ISN mentors have been putting their heart and soul into preparing for the upcoming academic year. With open arms, we welcomed our new team members, delved into unit planning, fine-tuned routines and responsibilities, and set up our classrooms. We count down the days until we joyfully welcome all of our learning partners back! The stage is set for an incredible school year!

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – Final Expedition for the Bronze Award

We are delighted to announce that our Learning Partners have completed their final expedition for the Bronze Award in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award . This is a significant accomplishment that demonstrates their commitment to personal development, teamwork, and perseverance.
The Learning Partners hiked through the ancient rock formations of Felsenmeer, learned about the area's history and geology and appreciated breath-taking views from the summit of Kalmit.
We are proud of the L...

ISN Kunsthaus – Our first ever public art exhibition

ISN's first ever public art exhibition, the ISN Kunsthaus, was a great success! The mesmerizing artworks left the audience in awe. As outlined in the SBW Haus des Lernens Future Skills Concept, ISN believes that art is not confined to a canvas but is an exploration of new horizons. The Future Skill "Acting outside the box" empowers students to challenge conventional thinking patterns, encouraging them to embark on unconventional journeys to find innovative solutions to problems.
We enco...

A visit to Frankfurt Börse and Bundesbank

As a key European financial hub, Frankfurt is the perfect place for a real-world economics experience and fortunately, our year 9 and 10 LPs got this opportunity, as they visited two of the internationally renowned financial institutions: Frankfurt Börse and the Bundesbank.
After a guided tour of the Geld Museum at the Bundesbank, our LPs got the chance to explore the museum themselves and play with the interactive exhibitions, which covered a range of topics from the birth of banks in t...

Explore Science Days in Mannheim

Recently, our Year 3 - 6 learning partners made a trip to the Explore Science days in Mannheim. Since 2006, the Klaus Tschira Foundation has been organizing the annual Explore Science days in Mannheim. Their goal is it to give children and young people the opportunity to discover scientific phenomena and support the connection of scientific institutions and schools.
Our LPs and mentors had a fantastic day at Herzogenriedpark Mannheim.