Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh Award

ISN offers the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award program (www.duke-award.de) - the world's leading youth personal development programme, run in over 140 countries. Since the Award's inception in 1956, over 8 million young people have participated in this prestigious programme.

Participation is highly regarded, especially by employers, but also by universities worldwide. The programme is about challenging yourself to find out what you are made of. All participants set SMART personal goals for themselves, and challenge themselves to achieve these goals. The participation for bronze level lasts for a minimum of 6 months and requires various sections to be completed:

  • Service: engaging with our school or community and showing social responsibility.

For example: helping people, community action and raising awareness, working with the environment or animals, helping a charity or organization

  • Skills: Developing a special skill and increasing self-confidence.

For example: life skills, performance arts, science and technology, media and communication, music, natural world, learning and collecting, games and recreational sport

  • Fitness: Improving fitness, developing sports-related skills and focusing on one’s health

For example: individual sport, fitness, racquet sports, dancing, martial arts, team sports, water sports

  • Expedition: Developing a spirit of adventure and enjoying challenges. Taking part in and completing two 2–4-day expeditions with a group of 4-7 young people without immediate supervision.

Each section requires 4 hours / month of activities that can be split weekly / bi-monthly or monthly; completed for a minimum of 3 months (13 hours), and 6 months (26 hours) for the major section.

The Duke of Edinburgh programme impacts the lives of our learning partners, who are challenged to dare to do what they dream!