Year 6 news

The Year 6 students have been engaged in an exciting project for their unit of inquiry on media. Our central idea is “The media influences our thinking and decision-making”. The project follows the nuances of problem-based learning and student agency, along with some maths and language concepts such as money, discount, budget and persuasion.

The students were asked to set up a small business in the school on the day of the expo. They first reflected on the things their own talents and skills, and then conducted ‘market research’ to find out if the students and teachers at the school would buy the products or use their services. Some students modified their ideas after receiving this feedback. We will have a range of businesses on the day of the expo: bake sale, bookmarks, train-making workshop and a little movie theatre.

At the moment, all the Year 6 students are in the process of advertising for their business. They are making posters, video advertisements and a website. They are extremely excited about being (very) young entrepreneurs and they are making a sincere attempt to make some profits on the day of the sale. All the earned profits will be donated to a cause decided by the class after the sale.

See this link for all their campaigns: