Visiting the birthplace of German democracy

On 16 November, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 went on a field trip to Hambacher Schloß. The castle is considered the “cradle of German democracy” and the Hambacher Schloßfest of 1832 marked a turning point in Germany’s history; people from all classes, ages and professional backgrounds came together to talk about uniting Europe and instituting democracy.

During the trip, lps learned from their tour guide the exciting story behind the Hambacher Schloßfest. In the Schloßmuseum, they explored (hands-on) primary source historical artifacts such as a printing press, photos, maps, and objects of daily life from the 1830s.

Back at school, learning partners used what they learned about the Hambacher Schloßfest to write diary entries as if they were people who might have been there. They combined historically accurate details with fictitious characters. It was a great chance to bring history to life and connect with the story of democracy, a story that continues to this day!