The Bee Calendar Saga goes on

Seven Year 3 students (and one Year 6 learner) attended a beekeeper presentation at the elderly peoples’ home across the street from the school on Wednesday, 29 March. There, the students learned more about bees and afterwards worked hard to sell the remaining 17 calendars left over in our stock.

After the presentation, all seven students were called onto the stage, and Ainhoa and Hayes spoke about why they made the calendars. Then all of the children interacted with the beekeepers and the elderly, obtaining donations and liquidating the supply. It was an exciting evening for all of us – and one of the best parts about it was walking out through the hallway and lobby to find a bee calendar on every type of table in the building (SOLD!!!)!

These kids have been able to show selflessness, caring, and respect for the environment throughout this bee project, and their parents and mentor are very proud of them.