Science Week!

At ISN, we are inquirers! We are curious and always aspire to know more. We ask questions and pursue life-long learning with enthusiasm. We kicked off our first day of Science Week with our Early Years - Year 2 learning partners having the chance to see a cola super fountain and watch how elephant toothpaste is made.

On day 2 of Science Week, we invited our inquiring Year 3 and Year 4 learning partners to explore how to draw on a banana using a toothpick. They learned about how the oxygen in the air interacts with the particles in the banana skin, causing the skin to darken in colour.

Early Years and Reception learning partners were introduced to the materials needed for day 3’s experiment. Learning partners were each given a petri dish and a handful of M&Ms. The instructions were for learning partners to place the M&Ms around the inner rim of the petri dish. Using their inquiring skills, learning partners made predictions on what they thought would happen to the M&Ms once milk was added to the dish. Learning partners treated themselves to the remainder of the M&Ms to celebrate a job well done.

Y5-6 explored the properties of Oobleck slime. Learning partners were aware of the three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas, however, they were blown away when they encountered a substance that could be both a solid and a liquid.
We concluded our Science Week with Y3-4 using their inquiring skills to investigate the reaction to ‘magic’ milk.

Learning partners were each given a petri dish, a Q-Tip/cotton bud, food colouring, a beaker of milk and dishwashing liquid. Learning partners poured some milk into their petri dish and added a few drops of food colouring. Next, they dipped their Q-Tip into dish-washing liquid and inserted the Q-Tip into the milk solution. Instantly, the coloured milk dispersed from the contact point of the Q-Tip like magic. ISN’s first ever Science Week was a lot of fun for learning partners in the PY and helped spark their interest in the natural sciences. A big thank you to our science teachers, Bianca, Amandeep and Sascha, for leading the fun-filled event!