Poetry Day – What’s Your Passion?

In March, as part of World Poetry Day, ISN opened its doors to welcome students, parents, teachers and local authors who took part in ISN's second annual Poetry Day Competition.

We received more than 35 poems in German and English on this year's theme "What is your passion?". Passion is one of SBW’s six Future Skills centred on the competencies that go beyond the curriculum, focusing on the development and strengthening of an individual’s personality. It is part of the SBW specific response to the question of what competencies will be required in the future.

We heard fantastic poems not only from the ISN learning partners, but also from students of the Kurfürst-Ruprecht-Gymnasium, Sickingen Gymnasium, International School Westpfalz, Waldorfschule Neustadt Freie Goetheschule, IGS Deidesheim/Wachenheim and Leibniz-Gymnasium Neustadt. A big thank-you goes to all the esteemed jury members: Dr. David Emling, author and member of the Literatennetzwerk “Textur”; Peter Reuter, author, publisher and member of PEN-Zentrum Deutschland; Florian Arleth, from Brot & Kunst Verlag, author and member of the Literaturvilla Herrenhof; and ISN’s very own Lisa Marsh, Matthias Herrmann and Vjeko Kovac. We congratulate the winners of this year’s competition:

1. Madeline Vance, Y12, Sickingen Gymnasium Landstuhl

2. Darsh Yuvaraj, Y8, ISN

3. Madeline Bach, Y11, ISN

Laetitia Waldenberger, last year's winner, performed her self-written and beautifully sung song "Without You" to the audience, receiving an award for ‘Outstanding Performance”.

The audience at ISN was taken back by the passion the young poets showed and their ability to express their thoughts and feelings in creative ways. The entire community is proud of all those who participated in this year’s event!