Journey to the Moon

Blast off! ISN is off to the moon. Back in Term 1 our Art Teacher, Arvid, and several SY students started playing with the idea of using plaster of Paris to make structure-like objects with moulds. Little did they know that this project would become bigger than they expected…

After the group made a couple of buildings, they discussed making a small diorama. It was supposed to reflect the work of Anne and Patrick Poirier who made miniature cities. After a while, the group made around 90-120 different shapes which they put down on tiles. Not being able to stop there, the group pushed their limits and continued working on the project. They made wood frames and built terrain using paper mâché and wire. They then placed the tiles with the buildings on it and poured buckets filled with plaster over the mountains and ground. After a couple weeks of waiting they removed the frames and voila! They had their moon city.
Most learning partners would agree that the whole process developed naturally, and took shape on its own.
The project took two terms to complete and the dioramas turned out to be around 2 meters long. As the color of the plaster is gray, the landscape looks alien. The structures, which were made from old plastic chocolate trays, Christmas light holders and even cheese, resemble buildings that one would see in Star Trek, Dune or Star Wars. The project was a lot of fun and everyone was impressed by the results. We hope everyone enjoys the photos taken of the lunar colonies!