ISN celebrates it’s first ever International Festival

Our International Festival was an amazing two-day event thanks to the hard work of our entire school community!

Everyone, including our external guests - kids, teachers and the principal of the Hans-Geiger Schule, BASF employees, kids from local schools and our community members' families, friends and neighbours were all taken back by the fantastic decorations and activities in classrooms/countries, but most of all by our wonderful school spirit!

The first part of our festival, International Day, was a great way to celebrate our GLOBAL IDENTITY and the diversity of our community which is what makes ISN such a special place.

The International Food Festival, which took place last Friday, was also a great opportunity for our community to come together to enjoy some international delicacies prepared by our P&F team and volunteers.

Some of the dishes served at the festival can also be found in the ISN International Cookbook which can now be ordered through our Parents and friends Group or via Amazon.

Thank you all for making ISN’s first ever International Festival such a memorable event!