IB Graduation Ceremony 2015

The Graduating Class of 2015 had a wonderful ball last Monday. The event was well attended and was a great celebration of the beginning of new challenges and a journey into lifelong learning.

I would like to thank all the family, friends, mentors, PTA and Beirat for joining us in this celebration.
A special thanks goes to Eva and Guari for all the hard work organising this event.

The Graduating class of 2015:

  • Ludwig Biffar
  • Siddhant Deshmukh
  • Marieke Hammes
  • Mohammad Kobeissi
  • Kieran Landwehr
  • Nathalie Larsson
  • Jeska Los
  • Peter Mehn
  • Paul Neumeister
  • Jacob Rich
  • Victoria Rudoll
  • Bernd Vockentänzer