Here comes the holiday spirit!

On 1 December, Primary learning partners (lps) were asked to bring in ornaments from home or to make some with their homeroom teachers. Secondary lps wrote personal messages on theirs and everyone enjoyed the snacks and beverages provided by our caring P&F volunteers. The lps especially enjoyed the cookies that were made after school in our cafeteria. The event gave our community a chance to come together and welcome the holiday season, as well as to celebrate our achievements this first semester. In Primary, lps got to share the holiday traditions from their homelands, and some received Learner Profile awards for exemplifying our school’s values. Secondary enjoyed watching a Christmas movie together and sharing plans for the winter break.

The tree-trimming event was followed by St Nikolaus - on which, much to the delight of our younger lps, everyone received a sweet surprise in their shoes provided by our Belgian and P&F community members.

The holiday cheer filled the halls of ISN throughout the last week of school, as lps practiced and recorded their winter musical performances which were shared with parents and our school community.