Helau, Helau, It’s Carnival Time!

ISN’s annual Carnival celebration was a big event in February! Organised by the Duke of Edinburgh community, with the goal of raising funds for charity, the fun-filled day included great games like Jenga, football, Tic-Tac-Toe, frisbee and hoops which lps got to try outside on our new playground area. The games weren’t the only things that made everyone happy, the bake sale did as well. Cupcakes, brownies and cookies - all sold out in a matter of minutes!

The origins of Carnival are mysterious, ranging from ancient Roman pagan rituals to mocking the French. It originated in the cities of Mainz and Speyer, where they would give the keys of the city to a council of fools, or ceremoniously let women rule. The rules of daily life were different during Fasching, people would be excessive and make noisy parades dressed in extravagant costumes.

In modern times, Fasching or Carnival is almost a complete contrast to what it was before; nowadays it is less about mocking a group of people or letting a council of jesters rule, but more about having fun, acting silly, eating tasty food before Lent, and enjoying the elaborate costumes at the parades!