Fighting for their Rights to Party!

Y5-6 recently learned about persuasive writing and soon put their newly acquired skills into action. They came up with the idea of putting on a ‘prom’ - a traditional graduation dance and wrote persuasive letters to our School Principal, Vjeko, seeking permission to go forward with their project. After defining some expectations with Vjeko and their homeroom teacher, Theresa, Y5-6 started fundraising for the event which was later referred to as the ‘Y5-6 Dance’. The class put on a bake sale with the help of their parents and were able to purchase refreshments, snacks and decorations. They even managed to donate some of their proceeds to a local animal shelter!

Learning partners decided that the dress code would be ‘dress as you wish’ which was a great chance to let their diverse personalities shine. They invited Y7-8 and enjoyed a great party in the Games Room. The dance was also a special opportunity to say good-bye to two lps who are leaving our community after the winter break - Eisley and Olive to whom we wish all the best in the US and Belgium!

Y5-6 learned a lot about what it means to take an initial idea and make it happen. Congratulations on your entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork!