Creativa – Real-life Learning Experiences

Have you ever wanted to explore a specific subject but have not had the chance to do it in school? Well, that should change this year!

At ISN, learning partners get the chance to take part in a class called Creativa. These lessons give lps real-life learning experiences which should help them dive into their interests and also discover new skills needed in their later professions.

In PY5-6, Creativa lessons are student-led, meaning they get to participate in creating projects (P.E., Art and Music) they will work on. Teachers then try to make the projects as ‘real’ as possible, giving lps a chance to experience new things.

SY classes are teacher-led projects which include Art, Music, and Journalism and are not structured like normal lessons. Teachers treat lps like equals and give them real experience in fields they worked in.

Arvid, our art teacher and an experienced artist, leads a project whose goal is to beautify our school. Curtis, our music teacher, is a professional opera singer and has sung in many famous opera houses throughout the US and Germany. He leads a singing group in SY. Last but not least, our School Principal, Vjeko, leads the newsletter project since he has had lots of experience in journalism.

This year the curriculum has changed a lot and we are thankful teachers have given us the chance to explore new interests we never knew we had!

By: Favour A. and Caroline C. (Y9)