Charity Project Thailand

For the past year, some of our Dutch students and our Dutch teacher, raised 650 Euros.

This is for an organization called ‘ Baan Phak Phing’, what means “house of refuge”. This organization is settled in the north of Thailand. Baan Phak Phing helps girls that are sexually abused or have been by a family member or even members. There are three houses with ten girls in every house. From the age 5-8 years old.

For every house there are four women, that take the role as a mum. The girls go as normal kids to school. One of the students of the ISN, went to Thailand and visited the project. She had dinner with the 3 houses at three different nights and one night she organized a game night for the girls. She also gave the ‘cheque’ in name of all the Dutch students to the founder of Baan Phak Phing.

True story of one of the girls: Wan* was supposed to die. She had been sold to be a human sacrifice to a village seeking gold. That sounds awful, and it is, but her story is even sadder than that.

"At age 8, her brothernaw forced her to come and look after his children. Wan knew he was a nice man from her sister, who had been forced into marriage with him. It wasn’ very long before he raped her. And not too long after that, he sold her to a village who believed a human sacrifice would help them find gold.

Thanks to a brave man who rescued Wan, she ended up, broken and afraid, on the doorstep of Baan Phak Phing (House of Refuge). Healing doesn’ come right away to one whose been wounded so deeply. Trust has to come first. After days, weeks, months of love, prayer and tender care at Baan Phak Phing, Wan began to blossom. To speak. To live. She knows she is safe now. She’ found refuge and hope."

(*not real name)

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