Celebrating Our Global Identity!

With more than a hundred visitors, including more than 45 students from the local Hans-Geiger-Schule, our second annual International Festival was a huge success!

Everyone was taken back by the fantastic decorations, food and activities on offer, and in particular with our school spirit and family atmosphere. This year’s event showcased the following countries: Egypt, Ukraine, South Africa, Belgium, Japan, Germany, the US, France, India and Australia/New Zealand. The event was the perfect opportunity to share ISN's global identity with the Neustadt community and to showcase our diversity.

“Growing up living an international life, I was exposed to many valuable things that I wouldn’t have learned about if I hadn’t immersed myself in other cultures and thought outside the box. Every culture has its own ways of living. I loved learning about those cultural differences at ISN’s International Festival. The event exposed me to more cultures and countries than I have ever experienced even with my international background and it was wonderful to be able to do it just by foot. I experienced India’s Holi festival just a few feet away from other country stands giving their own experiences to other lps.” - Annemarie (Y9)

“Over 10 rooms were set up to represent countries this year. International Festival is not just a fun day with no classes, it is used to teach and help people understand other cultures and be more interested in learning about them. It can also inspire people to learn more about their own cultures and be more involved in them.

I personally really enjoyed that day because I got to staff two booths and I learned a lot about places like India, Australia, France, South Africa, and more. I helped with the Indian and Australian booth, and I am extremely glad I did that because it taught me so much about both places and makes me want to visit them. There was face painting, delicious food, and everyone was really friendly. This day was incredibly fun, and I cannot wait for next year’s International Festival!” - Roxana Tita (Y7)

Thank you to all parents, lps and staff who helped make this day so memorable for our learning partners and visitors!