Cambridge’s Newest Law Student

The ISN community would like to congratulate our very own Penelope Slater (IB DP2) on being accepted to study law at the prestigious University of Cambridge!! Since October Penelope has gone through a rigorous application process which included sending in an essay about her reasons for wanting to study law, sending in a list of works she has read in relation to law, taking an admissions test and undergoing four strenuous online interviews. The SY team was proud to support Penelope in this process and couldn’t be happier for her achievement. Her commitment towards her passion, and especially her resilience is exemplary - embodying what our community stands for. We are sure Penelope will be successful at Cambridge and will make a positive change in our world, since according to her: ‘Law is the basic study of human interaction which is important if we want to make an impact in the world and shape our society for the better.’