An ISN Milestone – Handing over Campus 2

During the last week of school, Campus 2 was officially handed over to ISN!

This milestone marks a new chapter in the ISN story! We now have new opportunities for implementing our educational approach and designing a learning environment according to our needs. We look forward to bringing our entire school under a single roof and further strengthening our community spirit!

Thank you to our guests for joining the handover ceremony and for supporting ISN in obtaining Campus 2. A special thanks goes out to Mayor Marc Weigel, the members of the Landesbetrieb LBB: Beatrice Kahe, Katharina Blauth, Markus Schneider, Martin Schreieck, Fabian Reißner and Claudia Renner, members of the SBW Board: Jonas Buol (CFO) and Reto Ammann (CEO), and Dr. Petra Wriedt from the Ministry of Finance/Former Head of LBB.

You can read more about the importance of this event in an article published yesterday in the Rheinpfalz newspaper. Click here.