Aidan’s Bottle tops fight against Polio

We are really proud of one of our ISN students, Aidan, for his fantastic work in the fight against Polio.

Aidan first noticed this initiative organized by the Rotary Germany about collecting plastic bottle tops to fight against the disease Polio in February 2018. Polio is a highly contagious disease that predominantly affects young children and is incurable – but with a vaccination, life-long protection against polio can be achieved.

Aidan presented this initiative to the school and received the go-ahead for the project to collect plastic bottle tops from our own ISN community. The Rotary Club sells these tops to recycling companies since they are made out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which offers highly valuable recyclable materials. The profit out of selling those lids will finance the global vaccination programme against infantile paralysis with the proceeds. A single lid weighs around 2 grams. 500 lids add up to approximately 1kg of plastic. The proceeds of 1 kg cover the costs of one vaccination against polio.

With your support, Aidan managed to collect 10.000 lids (20 kg), which will save the life of 20 children!

Well done Aidan, we are proud of you!