International Festival

What a great day today! We celebrated our annual International Festival and what a great day it was. 🎉Together we traveled the world and stopped in ten countries. We learned new things about other cultures, their food and their traditions. What a fantastic day and a celebration of our global identity. 🌟
We were delighted to welcome all the students from Hans Geiger Schule and so many visitors today. Thank you all for coming! 💖
We also had the joy of welcoming a very special guest - Oberbürgermeister Marc Weigel! A big thank you to Mr. Weigel for visiting us and for your continuous support towards ISN. It meant a lot to us to have you here with us today!
A big shout out goes to all the wonderful ISN families who supported us today with their great food, their commitment and their time. 🙌 We couldn't have done it without you. Many thanks to you! 🌏🍲🎊