The season of giving

Before heading off for the winter break, lps from PY and the IBDP were happy to welcome Robin Rothe from Lichtblick, a local charity which supports Neustadt’s homeless population. This year students were unable to show their support of this great organization through our annual Christmas market due to the pandemic but were still excited to help Lichtblick in another way. Lps worked hard to create Christmas shoeboxes with much needed materials to help those less fortunate and to also donate €500 from our CAS diploma students’ past projects and fundraisers. The CAS project group, together with their teacher and CAS coordinator Maxwell Janssens, are happy to give their ongoing support to Lichtblick and to teach students the value of service. In Neustadt, Lichtblick and its diverse tasks are certainly among the social projects with which everyone can gain valuable experience.