Querfälltein-Festival 2018 – „Thinking out of the box” festival 2018

The International School Neustadt is delighted to announce its active participation in the “Querfälltein-Festival 2018”. An initial kick-off meeting day with Wolfgang Dinges, Head of Culture and Art in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse together with Jacques Marais and Charlotte Ducker provided the first steps for this fantastic co-operation.

The “Querfälltein” festival (translated as “Thinking out of the box” festival), which is held every two years by the cultural department of the city of Neustadt, encourages and supports inspiration and innovation for young people in both art and culture. For this year, 2018, this festival will be a keystone in the European Democracy celebration "HAMBACH! The Democracy Festival " which will be taking place in Neustadt in September of this year. This Democracy Festival is a cooperation between the cultural office of the Metropolitan Region Rhein-Neckar (Matchbox), the foundation Hambacher Schloss and the city of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse.

This year's “Querfälltein” motto is "Freedom" and this theme will be played and celebrated in all colours. The “Querfälltein” Festival will create a platform for inspiring contributions in the fields of art, graffiti, poetry, dance and music. It offers young people the opportunity to introduce their own ideas on the subjects and to express their work creatively in workshops, activities and events.

The Querfälltein Festival 2018 will be held between 10.0-14.09.2018 in the city centre of Neustadt. In addition to numerous workshops, there are also performances on small stages located both within the city centre as well as at the Hambacher castle.

We are delighted to have been asked to join in this celebration of freedom and democracy and are looking forward to working together with our students to provide a couple of activities within this week.