Opening Doors to a Global Education

"A schedule personalised to reach your dreams, more than 15 unique subjects to choose from, options to study and learn independently while also having teachers there for support - this is the A-Level Programme at ISN.

The A-Levels are highly valued all over the world, recognised by many different countries, such as: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, Germany and many more. For many of the learning partners (lps) at ISN, a big chapter in their lives has started, especially for ones who haven’t been to this school before. This great change of an environment, compared to other schools, can be quite surprising. Entering this school year with motivation, hope and a small amount of anxiousness, learning partners are eager to study and work hard for their future. Lack of support and communication are the main barriers to a good school life. From my own past experiences, these were the aspects a lot of schools unfortunately missed. Communication is the key to solving any kind of issues or misunderstandings regarding a subject, which helps lps understand a certain topic, without any unnecessary struggles. At ISN, you’re able to feel that both students and teachers are willing to put the effort into the lessons, so there is barely any chance left for a student to feel unprepared for certain exams or even the next lesson.

Recognition of the A-level programme in various countries around the world is something students strive for the most. Because of this, all of us have the chance and opportunity to study all around the world, including the most popular universities in the UK, USA or Germany. The A-Levels offered by ISN are there to help us fulfil our dreams and passions without any limitations!"

*ISN Year 11 learning partner.