New Year, New Campus!

A heartfelt good-bye to Campus 1, but a warm welcome to the new campus! Our new campus not only joins Primary and Secondary together, but also builds and forms an even closer community between the two age groups.

Between Dec. 16 - Jan. 3, the ISN Team worked day and night to prepare the new building and welcome lps and our community to their new home.

The move to the new premises is a crucial step in our school’s development.Since the 2021-2022 school year, we were able to implement two entirely new curricula (Cambridge Primary) and the A-level Programme, along with elements from our esteemed parent company, SBW Haus des Lernens, including our coaching programme, Creativa offer, Learn Atelier and FutureSkills concept.

We spent quite some time developing our school internally last year, and this year we’ve focused on its exterior. We will continue to develop our school in both aspects, but will now be able to do so at a steady pace and with a clear understanding of what we are able to achieve.

The amount of effort and care that was invested in our school over the past month goes to show what a strong team ISN has and how important it is to 'Dare to do what you dream!'

You can read more about our move and why it is an important step for ISN in an article published in the Rheinpfalz newspaper. Click here (pdf)