How do we communicate?

Year 3 at is currently learning about communication in our Unit of Inquiry “How We Organize Ourselves” together with the year 3 class of our sister school in Essen – International School Ruhr (ISR).

Several weeks ago, we had a Mystery Skype with IS Ruhr, part of a standalone math unit involving latitude and longitude. This involved a lot of research and preparation, and ISN Year 3 guessed where IS Ruhr school was before they found out where we are - much to the delight of our students! Last week we took the more old fashioned approach of writing pen pal letters to our partner class and next week, we will play “Mystery Number” on Skype together.

We have created a real bond between the classes, whilst learning about various ways to communicate, both electronically and the more traditional way. We are really excited to meet our new friends again online and to get correspondence back from them.