“Democratic values travel across borders” – International School Neustadt joins the Querfälltein-Festival 2018

Under the motto, “Democratic values travel across borders”, students from years 9-12 have been actively involved over the last few weeks in reviewing three concepts derived from democracy: FREEDOM, JUSTICE & FRATERNITY. The results of this work was then presented and further discussed in a number of workshops which took place in a presentation tent located adjacent to the main town square in Neustadt. We had a number of visitors to the tent during the morning slot and a school group (from Edenkoben). Students and the general public alike had great fun in having the opportunity to express themselves creatively through the faculties of art, rap and philosophy. The final performance which was held at 3pm on the main stage pulled all of these ideas together.

A huge thank you goes to our Secondary Head Jacques, together with Roula and Arvid for their amazing work and dedication to this project. Thanks also goes to all other members of the team for the role they played in ensuring such a success and of course once again to our amazing students.