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"I don't remember my life without dance", says Maya Teeluck (14), who began ballet lessons at the age of 4. For a few days now, learning partners across the SBW schools and including the International School Kreuzlingen-Konstanz, International School Neustadt and from as far as the International School Ruhr (in Essen), have the unique opportunity to train under the guidance and leadership of international star-choreographer, Royston Maldoom: “Maldoom has his own special way: he has a good sense of humour and is a very direct person who openly tells you if something doesn't fit him. "It is an incredible honour to work with him, says Maya!"

After only a few days of dance practice, the first choreographic sequences are already visible. Royston Maldoom, develops most of it intuitively on stage. "It's totally unplanned" the dance teacher said in an interview with filmmaker Jelena Gernert. Improviser Maldoom draws on what is there, whether it is the setting of the theatre or the potential of a dancer. Inspired by the music, he creates everything around the human and spatial assets available at the time.

Curriculum follows passion: "Developing and enfolding from within", that is Maldoom's credo, in direct opposition to the norm of "cramming in" knowledge (by the learner) from an the external source (generally, the teacher).

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