And heros don’t look like they used to…they look like you do

With these wonderful words, our years five and six brought tears to the eyes of Gemma and James, the English couple calling themselves “Action hero” whom have been travelling 30,000km across Europe recording love songs as part of their “Oh Europa” tour.

Our students, coming from America, Australia, Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, India, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil and Egypt have been practicing amazingly hard over the last three weeks to prepare this song “Nothing More” from Alternate routes. The song which was recorded by Gemma and James will be broadcasted 24/7 from beacons placed across the continent. Our nearest beacon is Hambacher Schloss, so families will be-able to hear this recording via an app when they are visiting this historic building.

More excitingly, we will be entering this song to the “One Day One Choir for schools” project which has been coordinated by the United Nations as part of their International day of peace taking place on 21st September.

Huge congratulations both to our students and to our music teacher Aria for their passion and commitment to this project.